Werner Rieder
Werner RiederOwner and Founder

Our Valuable Team Members

Candice Geyser
Candice GeyserGeneral Manager
Chantelle Van Der Westhuzien Assistant General Manager
Annah Kheswa
Annah KheswaExecutive Chef
Thembie Sibanda
Thembie SibandaReceptionist
Cecilia Morai
Cecilia MoraiRestaurant Manager
Dorcus Tjaro
Dorcus TjaroRestaurant Manager
Evelyn Dladla
Evelyn DladlaHousekeeping Manager
Nonceba NkomfeAssistant Housekeeper
Jeremia Kheswa
Jeremia KheswaServer
Ismael Fokwebe
Ismael FokwebeServer
Jacob Mausela
Jacob MauselaTour Guide and Driver
Tshidi Kheswa
Tshidi KheswaScullery / All Rounder